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I don''t know what some people''s problem is. Don''t they remember how bad it was before Nigel took over? I know that technically this is a worse start to the season than under Brian Hamilton, but let''s not split hairs.

I''ll start to worry when:

players are consistently played out of position

basic errors such as persistently being caught offside or woeful corners are not addressed on the training ground

we have no designated penalty taker

influential, enigmatic and underperforming players start to refer to him as a friend in the local press

the manager constantly talks about poor performances using terms such as "work ethic".

Until then, let''s stick together, after all it is such a cosy set up. The players must take some of the blame. After all it''s not your boss''s fault if you don''t perform. Imagine a world where leaders are held accountable!

We''re only a third the way through the season. Lets wait until January and give Nigel the last of our diminishing funds. He rarely gets it wrong in the transfer market. Let''s see where a little loyalty gets us.

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he rarely gets it wrong in the transfer market????!!!!???

Libbra, Abbey, Neilsen, Briggs (although not his fault), Rivers, Jonson all signed by worthy!

 why should we back a manager who has won less games in the past 2 seasons than any other manager in the league at the moment (and thats true), Janauray is too late.. even if he signes a whole new team we wont be going up!

Relegation is realistic, what we need now is players who arent afraid to get stuck in and win at all costs.. and a manager who shows some commitment when we go behind.. as soon as Sheff wed scored today our players gave up! you could see by the body language! it was piss poor! i have had enough!

 I know everyones entitled to their opinion but supporting Worthy is laughable! shocking!


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AC, I ALMOST went into one before reading further down your post and realised that you were being ironic!

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