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Yesterdays game....

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More of an observer on this site, but heres my two bobs worth...

I don''t think it was as dire as some people are making out, yet was still a very very long way from reaching the standards of what our squad should be reaching.

I don''t think Nigel Worthington is a bad manager, and some of the personal abuse he is recieving is un called for, i just think we are at that stage where we have gone stale under him.

Yesterday, with the lack of quality in our play aside, i thought we lacked any real meaning and conviction, especially going foward, the organisation was extremely lacking at times, (for example when we got a throw an the players were standing there waiting for Green to take it), and maybe bar Ashton and one or two others, we lacked any real passion and desire to win it. These are things that should be coming from the top, and if they are coming from the top, why arn''t the players doing it?

Worthy has brought us foward a long long way in the past 5 odd years he has been here, and will achieve success in the future at other clubs, but im afraid its time for a parting of the ways, with a fresh foward thinking manager coming in. The rot has well and truely set it, and the only way to get rid, is to exterminate it.

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