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To get back to the footy for a mo...

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We all know that we''re teetering on the bring of a football crisis and there''s lots of discussion around the manager etc etc but I thought, for a bit of light relief, I''d pop a few of my thoughts down on yesterday''s performance. These aren''t intended as criticisms, merely observations.

1) Green- Rarely comes out of his 6 yard box to claim a ball nowadays. Anyone else notice this (in the way the linesman noticed the ball was still rolling when he tried a quick free kick?!)

2) Drury- one of the problems down the left is his inability to hit a first time cross into the box. Wastes time and allows the opposition to get organised in the box (oh for a return of Helveg''s glorious ball to Ashton vs Newcastle).

3) Playing Hucks and Deano upfront: Nice idea  but it doesn''t work. We had one break in the first half where the midfield broke and Hucks charged off to the left wing and Deano to the right leaving a big gaping hole down the middle.

4) Ashton looks a bit unfit and throughly hacked off. Whenever he gets the ball he has no support. Every shot is followed by a shrug inviting comments as to what else he is supposed to do with no support. He has to have support around him.


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