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Berks canary

Delia - Act now or it will be too late !

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Delia - We are in trouble : big trouble . Please just try and do what all good captains of industry do and try and predict the future .In this case it''s not difficult . Let''s just look forward two months when the transfer window opens - Can you guess what will happen ? Ashton , Green , Davenport , Safri and proabably Huckerby will be so fed up and will go to cosier pastures . You will not be able to stop them What sort of team will that leave us - a team destined for division 1 . Unless you act now.

Our beloved manager who has now won 11 games in the last 54 has revealed his latest trick . Let''s get rid of one of the best full backs in the league on a free ( Edworthy ) , lets buy two more who are not fit to lace his boots , and let''s play an aged Fleming who struggles to pass the half way line instead . Is this an example of a good manager ?

Delia , it is clear that Worthington has COMPLETELY lost the plot , but he isn''t going anywhere is he . He won''t walk out on a big payoff ( and you can''t blame him for that ) and you are worried about the expense of paying him off . But how much will it cost when we are in Div 1 and you have crowds of 10000 ??

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