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cheds right foot

the thing that really worries me.......

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Is that we just seem absolutelely clueless, and i mean that in the sense of, we dont seem to have any ideas of how to break down teams or unlock defences.

 it was hard work on saturday watching, we had no creativity, no ideas and just resorted to hitting long balls to Ashton, great tactic for 2 minutes until defenders suss it out and jus either put the tall man on him or two on him.

2 years ago we ripped teams apart, now we couldn''t rip a wet paper bag apart, worthington, what are you going to do you''re in charge that is what you told us fans a few weeks ago, well start doing your job then, oh and by the way nigel, Danny crow scored a beauty yesterday, but he was rubbish wasn''t he or did you get rid of him because he didn''t fit in, was lazy etc etc.

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