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nevermind, neoliberalism has had it

Brexit? what does it mean?

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Forgive when this immigrant raises the issue of Brexit and what it means to Europeans, migrants, immigrants and refugees.It has rather had a large blustering start, race and astonishing finish.I''d like to start off the discussion with questioning David Cameron''s abilities, either that or he was disingenuous from the start.Now make what you will of this manifest by Sir Andrew Cahn, ex head of UK Trade and Investment, after all he wanted to remain, but that would be too easy, because of what he has to say about the total and deliberate lack of civil service planning, that has set us back now.An excert from it"Brexit contingency planning

"I find it unaccountable, shocking in fact, that David Cameron as prime

minister prohibited the civil service from doing preparatory work,

because it was always going to be close. It

was simply irresponsible of the then-prime minister to say to the civil

service: ''You must not do any thinking.'' I think it was a humiliation

for this country that our partners in Europe should say: ''You’ve voted

for this, but you have no idea what you want, you made no plans, you

don’t know what you’re talking about.''"


The deliberate lack of planning and subsequent delay was planned. I can''t believe the assurances that the remain campaign wanted to remain and that they did everything possible to offer a calm analysis of what it meant to remain.I also don''t believe anyone who says Brexit means Brexit, when they can''t explain what this would mean and deliberately made no plans for such a scenario. There is an underlying script that we are not privvy to.Lets try and make this a civil discussion, its not about the past campaign, but how we got to the points that are bugging us now.

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Farage and UKIP had and still have the answers where a successful Brexit is concerned [Y] Unfortunately, they''ve never been in charge and only have one MP - and he''s a Tory plant [:|] And the latter despite over 4 million votes in the last election [:O]

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