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nevermind, neoliberalism has had it

15 questions by the EDP answered

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My reply to the EDP''s feeble 15 questions as a ''staff reporter'', a secret author sees it. My comment was rejected twice, once for being ''inaccurate'' but not libellous, the second time for ''other'' reasons, i.e. censoreship and bias in favour of a totally split Tory party that is damaging the economy , spread uncertainty for investment and holds up many others in Europe. My comment was rejected twice because it is true. The EDP now is returning to the ''get Corbyn'' campaign together with the ''murderites'', not Blairites, far too soft for that man,
11) yes it will, leave has not just split Europe but also the union, UKIP has achieved what it set out to do and can now disband. Scotland''s Independent vote is guaranteed to happen and depending opn their agreements with the EU will commence in good time. NIreland could even faster enter the EU by having a referendum to join Ireland, a powerful economy in the making uniting an island of the same people.

12) how lonmg is a piece of string, or, who has been given the longest knife by the 1922 committee and who is brave enough to carry on with the status quo and sacrifice themselves for it.

13) Corbyn''s future is safe, those Blairite''s, such as Mandelson are trying to oust Jeremy before the Chilcot report is being discussed in the House of Commons in two weeks time. They could not have their idol smirched with illegality, that would pull the rug from underneath their feet.

14) It is to be seen what this means for the wider future of warmongering in eastern Europe. heaping refugees and internal chaos on the EU might not be enough to cause war, but if those neocons are planning war here, in the midst of Europe, rather than in Alaska, on their own territory, our resolve becomes inconsequential and our children''s future ends.

15) Just contemplating to leave ERASMUS and or Horizon 2020 is a negative option for our children''s education, being constantly interrupted by party politicians continuously interfering for self aggrandisement, can''t carry on. We should adopt the Finnish system, Swedens academy program is failing at home and we must take political agenda''s out of the equation, develop and set our own local expert programs, without any political interference whatsoever. Education will improve in this country, its not rocket science. Anybody who has found a plan and or a paddle, please hand it back to Boris. And stop making out that the Conservative party is united, not split for the next 10 years, get real and take this country back, you shouted it from the roof tops, now get on with it, others have life''s too.

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