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Oh that's all right then

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  • Norwich boss Nigel Worthington:
    "We have just got to roll our sleeves up, dig in like we have in recent years and come through it.

    "I''ve got good players here and it''s just not rolling for us at the moment and we have got to make it roll.

    "I''ll be strong. The important thing from my point of view is that my job is on the line here and I will be working damn hard to make sure I retain my position.

    "The pressure will be no problem. I''ve been in football a long time now and I can deal with that."

    What planet are you on, we were absolute dross today and this is getting worse, Ashton, Safri and Hughes battled the others simply wore the shirt.Hucks and Deano do not seem to gel together and for a team that is so focused on the training pitch and so buried within a team spirit why do they bitch at each other so much.

  • Why was Hucks up front again- THIS DOES NOT WORK

    Flem at right back over a right back on the bench

    we lacked passion and pride and had no imagination and the board must make the decision that has now become inevitable before they themselves become questioned for their ability to manage

    Worthy and the idiot lino must be related as neither appears to have seen what was in front of them

    It is time for some tough decisions

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    Worthy has said the same thing for the last 50 games - yet I have not seen any imporvement, particularly this season.

    I was in the west country and the openess of Gary Johnson and Iffy Onoura in the press was a revelation.  Talking to the fans, explaining decisions, confirming they were looking for loan players but none of the 9 prem/champs clubs would release their men, confirming the team was good with the ball but ineffective at winning it back, explaining how the team selection would change to try and imporve things, praising good performers and expressing disappointment with other individuals. 

    None of this repetitive and uninformative work harder, back to basics, look yourselves in the mirror rubbish that tells us nothing and means less. 

    This is not a minority fan base trying to drum up a bandwagon, we are an honest set of fans, who do not deserve to be verbally abused, nor patronised , and who, unlike some key staff at the club, are actually more concerned that the team sits 20th in the league with one of the countrys most prized strikers and a player who in teh prem was such a  consistent threat he was fouled more often than any other player than ensuring that my contract continues to be honoured no matter what the cost to the club is.



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