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just found this on football rumours - im guessing it was one of our lot, or a very delusional binner!

Joe Royle to be asked to step down by the new incoming chairman of ITFC. Sheepshanks realises that not spending will only result in more debt and has found an investor in the club. The investor is a "property mogul" with an interest in the suffolk area. Managers likeley to be on the shortlist are old favourites such as Bobby Robson, Tony Mowbray, Terry Butcher and rumour has it the KK Mr Kevin Keegan has links with the new Chairman.
If this does happen and Robson is put inplace we will see the return of Bramble. Players also thought to be on his next clubs wish list are Richard Wright (Welcome Home) Lee Trundle and Antony Le Tallec.
Viva La Robbo-lution

"Sheepshanks realises that not spending will only result in more debt" - priceless, obviously if you spend nothing you lose more?! - i think we shud ring delia immediately, think of the money she/the club could make with this juicy little bit of business "sense"

lucky scum with bobby robson coming in! lee trundle, another fat sam parkinesque waste of a million.... viva la robbolution indeed - god those binners are witty, u see what he did there, replacing revo from revolution with robbo to create robbolution - theyre so damn intelligent!

god bless football rumours, and binners fans for brightening up the currently rather depressing, football side of my life.

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I still cant believe sheepshanks was the the Football league chairman. He sent Ipswich into Administration, and it was him who oversaw the the ITVdigitial fiasco.

And you wonder why lower league football is in such a mess!!

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