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which of our players aer premiership quality?

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I''m trying not to think that far ahead at the moment because all this promotion talk could easily blow up in our faces............but it''s hard not to and i also have thought about which of our current squad would cut it in the premiership, anyway here''s who i think would and wouldn''t:

Greeno - Only one answer........DEFINATELY
Briggs - Unsure, haven''t seen too much of him
Drury - Yes
Malky - No (sorry Malky), too slow and gets caught far too often even at this level
Fleming - Yes, not the quickest but positional sense is premiership class
Huckerby - Some say he''s failed in the premiership but i''m sure he''d do a job for us. His pace is essential in that league.
Mulryne - Tricky one this but i think he would be ok.
Holt - Would get caught out by the quality of some of the Premiership players but i still feel he would do a job
Iwan - Will he be here to find out? I could easily say no but his 10 minute substitute appearances have done well this season, i feel they could be just as useful in the Premiership.
Zema - No, not quite up to standard i''m afraid
Brennan - Another difficult one, haven''t seen too much of him yet, early signs look good though.
Crighton - No
Mckenzie - Will be able to comment at the end of the season when i know how many goals he''s scored, that''s what he will be judged on.
Rivers - Out favour at the minute but i believe he could do a job if even in a substitute''s role.
Easton - Ha ha
Edworthy - has been good this season at this level but i fear he''ll get caught out in the Premiership.
Mcveigh - Yes, physically maybe not but defiantely Premiership class
Francis - Same as Mulryne
Sinclair - Unsure, haven''t seen too much or heard too much about him
Henderson - Hard to say how these youngsters will develope but on curent abilty i''d say no, but he''s young and has a lot of time to improve.
Jarvis - Looks a very promising and i believe he will be a key figure for us in the years to come. One way or another he will be playing in the premiership in the next 4-5 years.
Shackell - Unsure, haven''t seen too much of him but early signs look promising
Lewis - From what i''ve heard the future''s looking very bright for this lad so i''d have to say yes to him, although i feel we''re looking quite a way in the future before we see his potential

I believe if we do go up we''ll need another cenre half, right back, midfielder and striker...........and even then it will be difficult, but i just hope and prey we''ll find out just how well equipped we are come August.

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Can''t disagree with too much of that pincer, saves me the bother of the long reply you had to type!! Cheers mate

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None of them after the Bradford performance!!!!!!! Any talk about premiership football with still around 20 games to go is in my opinion far too risky. Even with Huckerby it was quite evident yesterday that we are far from guaranteed a top two placing and the fooball fans of those close behind us are probably rubbing their hands in glee. We must go up though cos I cant afford another share issue to pay Huckerbys wages next season if still in Div One.
Please to anyone reading this try not to mention the Premiership as if we are already there cos it is only tempting fate and Norwich will undoubtedly do their best to cock it up rather than make things easy. Ive supported them too long to expect nothing less.

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