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paul beevor

Promotion! What promotion?

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Last year we missed out on staying in the top flight by a hair''s breadth. A new season has begun, at best we look like missing out on promotion by a country mile and dodging relegation by a hair''s breadth in the wrong division.

So what has changed since last year''s relegation? Very little, I am sorry to say. We still have a manager short of answers in a crisis and a collection of players short of confidence .

So what must change? Worthington needs new blood in his squad. He needs to bring in a player that will recindle belief in the dressing, on the terraces and on the field. Nigel also needs to change his footballing attitude. Norwich are far stronger in attack and he must utilise this strength by encouraging his team to attack from the outset of every game.

If Nigel is able and willing to instigate these changes, we won''t see the simple promotion push some people predicted but we would at least see a desire that would both please fans and make them believe the heroics of two years ago are not just a distant memory.

A migrating canary

South Yorks

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