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C programmers needed

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As some of you may know i am trying to learn C programming on the side to get more knowledgeable on how the computer system works.

Two reasonable questions here anyone want to give it a go?

Using arrays, write a C program to read students’ names along with their respective

scores and then calculate the average. Every student has 3 courses. The output may

look something like:

Name Average

John Doe 80

Jane Doe 90


b) Add to the program in (a) a function largest which takes an array (of averages) as

an input and which returns the index indicating the location of the student with the

highest average within the input array. This index can, then, be used to retrieve the

student’s name and display it along with the average, as follows:

Adam Smith 99

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I learnt C some time ago but cant remember any of it sorry.. i do know there were some decent web sites about.. google around.

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