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Old Boy

The players should get the heat....

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... not just the manager. I''m not saying that NW isn''t flawed as a coach, but our team has shown in short spells that they CAN play classy football, but then they let themselves down. There''s obviously a limit to how much control the manager has over the players when they''re on the field. All this focus on the manager takes the pressure off the under-performing players. They should ALL be under pressure to perform for their Club.

I''m of the opinion that they lack bottle. For example, whenever Norwich''s opponents go a man down they seem to up their game, and we really struggle. But when we lose a man, we fall to pieces. It isn''t helped by a lack of leadership on the pitch, but there''s also individual responsibility: each and every player has a duty to his team mates and the Club. Lynching the manager doesn''t help them to understand that.

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