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something wrong?

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i believe something is fundamentally wrong at carrow road this season.anyone who has seen a game this season must agree.good pros dont suddenly go bad overnight.this isnt down to our usual slow start,it goes deeper than that.players seem to have lost that enthusiasm and bite,frustration is creeping in as daz showed at stoke.im sorry but this cant all be due to the 6-0 at fulham,confidence seems at an all time low,how do we turn things round?? one season out of the championship and we forget how to play in it.worthys blind optimism that it will all be ok is unreal.just where is a win gonna come from,i cant see it at the moment,even goal machine deano looks a shadow of the player he was last season.leon couldnt hit a barn door with a banjo and we are defending like an under nines team.just what did go on in the close season???

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Many things unfortunately to many mixed messages to the players

Robert Green Probably still wants away & who can blame him
Jurgen Colin Attacking Full back not allowed to cross the half way line
Flem Gets stick form fans for breathing
Shacks Learning & probably feeling the pressure of a young player in a
struggling side.
Simon Charlton Centre back, right back, centre midfield, left midfield,left
back ( what am I)

Dean Marney Right wing, centre midfield where should I play next
Safri No pre season but coming into form
Hucks Just simply frustrated by the inability of the rest of the
midfield to contribute anything going forward.
Jimmy B Finally getting a deserved & proper run but still a left back
Deano No pre season & not full fit to much transfer speculation
Leon £2M For a forward to replace me my confidence must be low & the
fans are starting to turn.
McVeigh Last time I looked I was on the transfer list but everythings ok
The Doc The Fans hated me before I joined & they hate me even more know,
although I have never played in my proper position for any length
of time.
Andy Hughes Given no chance by the fans lambasted on this board after 1 game
IMO looks a good player but then gets injured.
Adam Drury Injured but on road to recovery
Jason Jarrett Can''t get fit

In all out of these players listed above 11 have had muscle injuries picked up during pre season & since, reason lets run them into the ground to get them fit we will worry about our so called passing game when the season starts. This is the situation so its game on the situation is that the board and the fans are behind me everyone behind the scenes are working there socks off we ill do whats right in the best interest of the Football Club, thats the situation & I cant fault anyone so its game on. Oh & I talk rubbish in post match interviews & I am extremely negative. Apart from that I quite like Mr Worthington.

All of these things means the togetherness that once existed is dead in the water, & players we admired & looked up to like Malky & Iwan have rightly gone but they have not been replace with characters in our team who we can look up to & as someone said on another post no leaders.

I have never liked Worthington but I have admired his way of doing things to bring success bit I always new the fans would turn on him once things went bad.

Furthermore even before a ball was kicked this season the fans on messageboards & at the ground have been absolute rubbish on a par with the scum.

This post really saddens me its just the way it is at the moment & I feel unlikely to change in the near future.

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