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Just saw the 2nd goal we conceded against Stoke

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I recall when I came to Norwich in last October, I post a message on the mesageboard about Adam the captain, did not orgranize his defence on we lost our 1st goal against Everton, and I get a details explanation from our captain after a few days. Thank you Adam!

But this time when I saw the highlights of the 2nd goal we conceded against Stoke City, it was just been even worser. The goal Kevin Kilbane scored was from a counterattack, but we still managed to have 5 yellows shirts rushing back in the box; Stoke Kevin Harper''s goal was not scored from a counter attack, it was they attacked from the left wing, then switched the ball to the middle, and why Simon Charlton was on the right-back position and made no tackles? Again there was 5 yellow shirts in the box again, and only 3 Stoke players included Harper, who were left definitely alone on the right wing. Brennan on left back but never put a foot in, Greeno was definitely a spectator.

Come on let''s get someone who can organize on defence, or being captain, Shacks is best choice and see John Terry, he was also young but he could organize, same as Shacks I think.

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