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il tell you what, if any of you are betting men then id bet a few quid on so''ton to go back up - theyve just signed kamil kosowski - being polish and him being a polish international, ive obviously watched him quite a bit and il tell you this much - there is NO WAY IN HELL Drury or charlton will be able to deal with him - hes awesome...ive been saying we should sign him since we went up - undoubted prem quality....also players to look out for are - niedzielan, kryznowek, frankowski - if we were to sign any one of the three , we would see an instant improvement in our attacking play - niedzielan plays behind front two, frankowski is centre forward 31 but banging them in at club and international level, and kryznowek is like huckerby with more skill and vision and less head down running and an extra yard or two of pace on hucks too! never going to happen though - well hold on u say - so''ton just signed Kosowski from the same club as FRankowski so surely the players must be willing to come...yes i say but there is one thing so''ton have that we dont......... AMBITION!

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