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First Wizard

Aquatic Bliss!.

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For my sins, aquariums and aquatics are another hobby of mine.

So thanks to bloody Worthless Worthington, I''m going to spend much more time (and money!) dealing with that.

NW has finally beaten me, I cannot deal with such an inept, useless manager no more. The same old excuses and the same old love affair with certain immovable players!.

Campbell: Such an arrogant poster who shouted me and others down about how great he thought Worthy''s new signing were. Now the boy''s gone quiet hasn''t he?, should have trusted the old wiz''s judgement on these useless signings in the first place.

Of course I''ll still come on here, and read your wonderful thoughts and join in, but not quite so much, lets face it, the board will stick up for Worthy, and continue to make us the laughing stock that we now are.

Now, where''s my fish flakes?.

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