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Careful what you wish for

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Ok, before I start, I am not a great fan of Worthington. But if we do go nuts and get him sacked asap, finding his replacement may be a rush job. This could be terminal for Norwich. A great coach/manager can make an average team good, and a good team great.

  • Promoting from within seems a bad idea, as the current coaching staff are just as much to blame for our dreadful team-play as Nigel himself.
  • Getting some "big name" old has-been (a la Wilkinson, Bassett, Graham Taylor, Venerables etc etc) would not help us move forward.
  • A "dream team" just does not work. Never has (Houllier/Evans, Rioch/Hamilton, Wilkinson/Cotterill), never will.
  • Getting a young ex-player who has no experience is a massive gamble, and could quite easily not pay off (David Platt is a great example).
  • Getting a "big name" assistant manager doesn''t often work - who can forget Brian Kidd, or Carlos Queiroz at Real Madrid.
  • Even managers that seemed destined for success can fail - remember Vialli and all that money at Watford?? He ruined them!
  • Recruiting ex playing heroes ie Roberts and/or Fleck does not mean that they have the ability to manage the club. Hoddle at Spurs springs to mind, as does Souness at Liverpool and Keegan''s England.

So, the moral of the story is this - careful what you wish for. If Nigel has to go then so be it, I cannot disagree. But if we mess up the next managerial appointment, it could be curtains for us for a lot longer than 9 years.

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