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Big Vince

Delia Directly Responsible

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Delia Smith Is Directly Responsible For Every:

1. Goalkeeping error

2. Suicidal backpass

3. Missed tackle

4. Missed header at the back

5. Misdirected header on goal

6. Missed block

7. Missed clearance

8. Missed shot on goal

9. Misplaced pass

10. Missed long punt through the middle

11. Caught in possession instance

12. Foul throw

13. Instance of poor marking

14. Yellow card

15. Red card

16. Nutmeg

17. Triangle

18. Poor corner

19. Free kick conceded

20. Free kick not scored

21. Penalty conceded

22. Penalty not scored

23. Holey wall

24. Dive

25. Handball

26. Refereeing error

27. VAR howler

28. Streaker

29. Slip

30. Misdirected cross

31. Mistimed substitution

32. Wrong substitution

33. Wrong injury time calculation

34. Run off the ball not made

35. Run off the ball not spotted

36. Cruyff turn not exploited

37. Cruyff turn not properly executed

38. Andy Johnson dive not exploited

39. Andy Johnson dive not properly executed

40. Injury to player

41. Injury to official

42. Match postponement

43. Match abandonment

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Owners are accountable for where we are, so they take responsibility for failure and they deserve acclaim for success. At Norwich we have had plenty of the latter, and as a fan I hope for more. Currently we are about par for a medium size provincial side with a good tradition.

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