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Alex Harvey-Jones

Worthy and transfers

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While I am a fan of Worthy and would be very reluctant to see him sacked yet, I have been very dissapointed by his signings this summer! He has often said he will only bring in players who will add quality to the squad! It appears to me that we have actually lost quality from last year despite not having to sell any of our players

At right back we lost Edworthy and Helveg and brought in Louis Jean and Colin. Colin has shown some promise but I know which two I''d rather have!

In midfield we lost Mulryne, Holt, Francis and Bentley. Marney appears a good replacement for Bentley but Jarrett and Hughes are not filling the void left by Francis. Hughes is a hard working player like Gary Holt but from what I''ve seen so far I''d welcome Gary back! Francis was always going to be hard, if not impossible to replace with the money we received and Worthy didn''t even try!

Up front we lost Jonson and Crow and got Thorne. Thorne is a proven striker at this level but doesn''t look great. I would have liked to have seen Jonson perform in this league. He was committed to Norwich and could have been a valuable asset. Crow seemed to have a lot of potential and I would have liked to have seen him kept on for at least another season!

All in all I''m dissapointed. We were linked with some quality players - Eastwood, Commons, Etuhu, Morrison, Mawene, Chorley, Thomas - and we didn''t get any of them!!!

I am also slightly concerned about the number of signings Worthy has made who seem great signings yet don''t really perform. Players like - Jonson, Helveg, Charlton, Doherty, Bentley. All of these on paper looked good signings yet none of them have lived up to their potential. Colin has a great pedigree from PSV yet we don''t seem to be seeing the best from him. Is there something wrong with the management of new players - is Worthy failing to motivate them sufficiently??? Any thoughts??

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I feel we were slightly misled. Whilst Munby and Worthy said we didn''t have to sell any of the young players we wanted to keep, we did have to trim the wage bill hence goodbye to Helveg and Jonson. This isn''t a major whinge, and the board should be applauded for keeping hold of Deano and Green. I can''t really argue with any of the players we let go;

Mulryne - can''t keep himself fit, just been sent home from the NI camp for a late night drinking session. Had to go.

Eddy - I just don''t think he cut the mustard in the Premiership, and Worthy let him go with a long term view that he would have to be replaced if we were to get promoted again quickly. With hindsight we should have kept him, but he didn''t help his own cause by refusing to sign that contract

Crow - His loan spell wasn''t a success so he had to go. Best thing for him and the club.

Francis - didn''t want to stay!

Holt - No arguments (but sad to see him go) seemed to have lost his running and the ability to tackle

Bentley - not ours! I would have liked to see him stay, but his ego demands Premiership football

Helveg - we needed to reduce his wages, and he didn''t want to stay (curse Olsen!)

Jonson - we should have kept him, but again Worthy was looking at the financial side (we made a profit, but to me that is way less important than the fact we have such a small squad)

Stuart - too old and retired now

I think Worthy''s buying record is very good, but no manager can get it 100% right. Charlton has played well for us and I''m surprised we don''t see him more. Doc always looks short of confidence and I understand that has affected his game. Helveg took time to adapt, but was great at the end of the season. Jonson was a major disappointment, but would have been much better at CCC level. I can''t really comment on the new signings as I haven''t seen them yet, but Marney and Colin are both young and so will be inconsistent (same with Bentley last season) and will need time to settle. I understand Hughes was looking sharper before his injury, do you agree? JJ sounds disappointing, but again on paper he should be able to do a job but I don''t see him as a Francis replacement.

I''m happy enough with the players bought in (especially the prices!)  but, as everyone else, am very concerned with the size of the squad. In my view we haven''t replaced Francis, Jonson or the experience of Helveg. It was a disappointing summer, and whilst the ''worthy out'' brigade have chosen to presume that Worthy wasn''t looking to add to the squad we now know that he was. We need another CB, a proper right winger, another CM with an eye for goal, and I wouldn''t argue with a new striker either. We don''t know who Worthy tried to sign, so saying he didn''t even try to replace Francis is wrong (but he certainly failed to!) With that in mind, we have to say Worthy didn''t do the job for us over the summer, however difficult and frustrating it must have been for him.

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