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A reflective peice now I have calmed down.

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I was upset as all of you after the inept, useless capitulation against Brad City.

I posted early last week warning about 1-4 two years ago when we we were almost top of the league obviously Nigel didn''t heed my warning.

Things were not going right on Saturday but Nigel doesn''t seem to know any alternative tactics to counter the way Bradford played. In midfield we were poor I suggest going to 3 at the back, playing wing backs perhaps Brennan on left PM on right, maybe DF for PM that would have given more bodies in the middle to counteract the treat posed by Brad City.

Surprised Jim B did not start, Hendo for his age played and gave 100%, Rivers again proved how useless he is, and Huck and Mack up front didn''t seem to work, always too far apart, Iwan and Huck good against Cardiff should have tried again.

I am not saying my suggestion would have changed the result but at least it would have been an attempt to change things.

Poor Ryan J hope he is injured for he is the future.

Thank you for reading.

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