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Bury Yellow

A Friday evening rant!

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I. like many others, have been reading all the posts since the ''Worthy problem'' has really raised it''s ugly head.

I admit that I am an anti Worthy man, even during the promotion year and certainly during last year; but to sum up the whole clubs attitude and in a way, a defence of Worthy to positive progress, my question is

''Are the board REALLY in it for the sporting achievements and the fans, or is it the comfort of land ownership and all the security that it achieves?''

To help you in this answer I ask you this one question - West Brom, who are if anything a smaller club than us have just spent 3 million on the 20 year old Luton centre half Davies(?). If we had survived last year would we have done the same thing? In my opinion I would say No Chance!

I also hope the board are thinking more sensible thoughts than that reflected in the outpourings of the press.

What do they take us for? It really is totally embarassing telling us who they were after and why we didn''t secure their signatures.

Geography was not a problem in the past. Could it be that the whole set up of the club is not quite right. Please don''t quote Ashton, because anyone who was at Stoke this week didn''t need a GSCE A pass to realise that the old boy is p---d off like the rest of the dressing room.

To Dicky and all the other admirably blinkered supporters, I will lay prostrate in front of you if Worthy gets us out of this. I also appeal to you to be more inquisitive to what your board is doing (ie if you are shareholders of course!)

It is the same ''supporters'' who criticise that we don''t get behind the team. They simply miss the point. Those of us who go to home and away games DO get behind the team but we also see 90 minutes not the highlights. We know how simply awful we are.

If I''m proved right, I appeal to all supporters to have a mindset that we are a reasonable size club that continually under achieves. We should aim for middle of Premiership which is our rightful place. Nothing is achieved unless you aim high.

I say to the board ''I know you know what a poor position we now find ourselves in so lets raise ourselves to the next level if we cant get Martin O''Neill lets go for Kevin Keegan or at least someone whose been there and done it. If you are serious in improving our club, cut the spin. Please ignore the small minded brigade, who you take advantage of and bleed on a regular basis. Who are you kidding? Get real and join the real world!!!

Lets have some action. I admit I will always be part of the crowd but I want to see a regular crowd of 30,000 plus before I die !! With our catchment area it is a disgrace that we still cant get that many customers into our ground.

Sorry for the usual rant but NCFC is my outlet from a highly pressurised but enjoyable life.

Perhaps it is made more sensitive being amongst the Binners where BFG continues to do a fine job against all odds but at least does have a positive club behind him despite all their distasteful actions amongst the local business community.


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[quote]I. like many others, have been reading all the posts since the ''Worthy problem'' has really raised it''s ugly head. I admit that I am an anti Worthy man, even during the promotion year and certainly du...[/quote]

Keegan ?  are you serious ?? he kept Hucks in the reserves while  practically ruining Mancity, signing on a series of high priced , so called  prem players , who hadn`t a quarter of the talent  and character of Hucks !   the only decent decision Keegan ever made , was to do a runner late in last season , a move , I might add , he is famous for doing !

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Bury Yellow, I think that the message in your post is absolutely right - the Board appears to have no ambition to be anything other than "a little club", as Delia often put it last season. That''s their call, of course, because they control and contribute to the purse strings.

In lots of ways, you can''t argue with that approach, because we don''t want to do a Leeds or Sc*m and find ourselves falling through the floor and owing money everywhere (at least, at the moment, we''re free-falling WITHOUT the debts!). However, that must sit very uncomfortably with many shareholders who have put hard-earned cash into the Carrow Road pot.

Even with this approach, it would be nice if the manager and Board took a bit of a gamble now and again and invested in some flair and quality - do we always have to have ''safe'' midfielders like Hughes and Jarrett, for example? Yes, I know we bought Deano, but look at how he struggles without the right supply. And, yes, I know we got Bentley and Marney on loan, but why don''t we take a risk more often and buy someone like Koumas or Trundle? It''s not as if their price tag was £4 or 5 million!     

The Board''s approach - "Prudence with ambition" - means that their tame manager will have to lose almost every game up until Xmas to get the sack.

Therefore, we will remain a ''safe'', under-achieving "little club" whilst that philosophy prevails - we must get used to it, with that safety being reflected by our unexciting play on the pitch. Of course, people like me will continue to buy a season ticket and cheer the team on each week; I just wish we''d be a tiny bit more adventurous at times as a club. If we don''t take a calculated risk buying more players of proven quality (not duffers like Pearce or Jeffers!)then go for someone outside the Premiership who might actually attempt something exciting with the ball when they get it - Hucks can''t be expected to carry the team for another season.

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