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......and Smith must score.

Tifosy are after our money again...

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Anyone else had an e-mail from this outfit offering another 5 year bond to finance improved training, academy and scouting facilities at a football club ? Difference is this club plays in the Italian 2nd division, Pesara Calcio 1936.
Seems the bond is being offered on pretty much identical terms to the one we had...8% pa interest comprising 5% cash and 3% club credit - maybe not so handy if you''re a Norwich fan - with a 25% bonus if they get into Serie A within the 5 years of the bond.
According to the blurb on Wikipedia they''ve spent only six single seasons in Serie A since their formation. The ground holds 20,000 and they went bankrupt in 2008 ( hence the 1936 ) which sounds scarily familiar as we just escaped administration ourselves around that time.
It''ll be interesting to see the uptake on this one but I doubt people will be falling over themselves to get on board.

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