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Rudolph Hucker

Home Form Issues.

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There is a lot of optimism around and rightly so but then again Forest fans had that on Saturday and it became expectation then frustration which affected the team.

Norwich City has suffered the same curse for a very long time. Home games have always been our strength but this has not been the case last season or this and the opposition knows it as, unfortunately so do our players who have it as a burden.

Until we can get wins in the circumstances of tonight''s game we will not progress. Alternatively, make home games count and anything is possible.

In a. League without a runaway leader (yet) all sides seem to struggle for consistent wins in an age where counter attacking is the main weapon. But if you look at the likes 9f Man City and Liverpool the ideology of all out attack at home serves them well. Maybe it charges the crowd and the atmosphere.

I hope Norwich just go for it from the off. They may as well.

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