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Bradwell canary

Is Farke the new David Wagner?

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Seems to me similar first two seasons. First season steadying the ship. Second play entertaining football, and getting great results against good teams.

Just hope we can end the second season the same way as Huddersfield.

Perhaps those who wanted him gone last season had not taken into account the true situation he inherited.

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I do not think that too many of us wanted him gone last season BC more the fact that with much of last season being disappointing, to a certain extent, fans were not prepared to accept a repeat and therefore various deadlines were set.

Our football was too often sideways and this led many to fear that a similar progress free mid-table status for the club was on the cards with all the obvious financial restraints.

Many, including myself, were citing ten/twelve games in, others ''til the New Year.

Misguided impatience suppose, but most footie supporters want it now in any case.

Even then demands for success were not unreasonable and ''there or thereabouts'' was often cited as success enough.

Nobody expected the current super show and it''s being achieved without the help of either Kenny McClean and Ben Marshall who were two of the Summer''s ''marquee'' acquisitions by all accounts.

DF will become a much sought after manager sooner rather than later if we keep current performances up so securing his future at Carrow Road has suddenly become a priority. The dude appears to have done it.

As a poster on TWTD put it, "They''re not laughing now."

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