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peewees dad

Betting sites hijacking pink un site

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I’ve had a persistent problem over past few months.

I click on pink un website on my iPhone.

It starts to load and the gets hijacked by a betting website - usually Skybet.

The word ‘data’ appears in my search line and the screen shows a message saying open in App Store. Even if I press cancel it still diverts me.

I’m now on point of giving up on this website because it’s so frustrating.

I’ve emailed Archant but no response so I’m guessing it’s a cookie they’ve allowed an advertiser to place even though I’ve opted out of these.

Any ideas anyone? Please?



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Is this Safari? You can clear cookies in your phone''s settings, but it will wipe them ALL out, along with your browsing history, so not to be done lightly.

Alternatively, you could install a different browser from the app store?

I''ve seen something similar where a site kept pushing me to the app store, but I don''t think it was the Pink Un.

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