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A Tettey.

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From todays presser, wise words from Tettey. Sadly a knee injury keeps him out of the last game of the season.Alex Tettey is about to speak to the media ahead of our final game of the season. #ncfc


AT: "The weather is nice. Everything is good. I''m feeling good about it!" #ncfc

AT: "As a family, we decided to stay. A lot of things changed when we

were talking. We found a solution which was good for everyone." #ncfc

AT: "We had a good chat. Norwich tried their best to keep me here. I''m settled here and that made the decision easier." #ncfc

AT: "I''ve been here for a while. It''s natural that I would try to help young players." #ncfc

AT: "The whole group is new, which is nice. In a football team, you can''t always have the same faces. You need freshness." #ncfc

AT: "The fans understand that''s the natural side of building a football

team. People always go. New people always come in." #ncfc

AT: "It''s exciting to be going in a new direction as a club." #ncfc

AT: "There is something to play for. We don''t want Ipswich to go above us. That''s the main motivation at the moment." #ncfc

AT: "We can do that by winning the game on Sunday. That''s our aim." #ncfc

AT: "We are building something. We need to improve at scoring goals and taking our chances in games." #ncfc

AT: "I''m 32. There will be times when I need to be managed during the

season in order to be at my best. The manager knows that." #ncfc

AT: "I know I won''t play every game. They will be counting on me to keep

people on their toes in training and working hard." #ncfc

AT: "In the future, I''d be more likely to work with kids than coaching senior football." #ncfc

AT: "Sometimes people leave who you''d rather didn''t, but that''s football. People always come in." #ncfc

AT: "When you get older, you get wiser. With my decision, I needed to

see the whole picture. Norwich is a good place for a family." #ncfc

AT: "The Championship is tough. A lot of people don''t understand. It''s a

very difficult league. Hopefully we will have a team who can cope next

season." #ncfc

AT: "If we can add the finishing touches, I think it will be very good next season." #ncfc


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I wonder if we offered Tettey a broader deal than just a playing contract to get him to stay. He obviously wasn''t happy with the financials, but his family are settled so that balances out a bit, but I do wonder if we maybe offered to put him through his coaching badges and give him a couple of years coaching the youth team after he retires. Would be a good move imo - I''d be happy to see Tettey stick around once he hangs the boots up, he gets stability for his family for a significant period of time and a foot in the door of the coaching world. Just a hypothetical but I suspect somewhere in there is a nugget of truth.

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This is a perfect deal for us. Here we have a player with top level experience and experience of winning promotion. Not only that, he has a first class attitude and this season, we have done much better with him in the team. Realistically, we have to try and build a future without him, he doesn''t fit the mould of young, hungry and talented, so for him to take a wage hit and understand that his role in the team won''t be a starter week in, week out, overall is a massive coup for us. Imo, he is the perfect person for someone like Godfrey and Thompson to learn from, much like Maddison this year with Wes.

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