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Why Worthy Why?

Why do you not only make the completely wrong substitutions, you also make them at about 80 mins
There is no need to waste time when we are 1-0 down to bring docherty on!
many of you will have other examples
when we are winning, bring on a youngster with 10 mins to go yes!
when we are losing, bring on a player and waste time?
not many players can make an impact in 10 mins (ole gunner solskjaer the only exception to mind)
give a player 30mins at least.
he has time to settle into the pace of the game and then make an impact!
what is the problem with that?
the only problem i see is Worthy, he isnt a proactive manager, he is a reactive manager.
this is a good thing if you can pull it off, Worthy cant.
He should try to dictate the game, play our game, not adapt to whatever the opposition is playing.
thats my piece, now its your turn.............

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