It is generally accepted that the Canary Board were mightily impressed with that Huddersfield Town display at Carrow Road two years'' ago. Considering how Norwich were EPL the year before, how could they be played off the park with such high intensity by a club like Huddersfield? This was a fair question for the Board to ponder. However, having done their pondering they reached entirely the wrong conclusion. They concluded that it was a little known boy behind the scenes who was the inspiration behind Huddersfield. That boy, as we all know now, is the boy Webber. How wrong they were! The beauty of hindsight is that the Suffolk Socialists can once again be proved to be no good. It is obvious now that Huddersfield''s success has been due to the money put in by the boy Hoyte and the philosophy and methods of the boy Wagner. Webber did not pull off any masterstroke in finding Wagner. Going to Dortmund to hire your coaches is not the magic formula for success in football. Webber simply got lucky. Wagner''s methods and Farke''s methods are completely different. Where Wagner has worked, Farke has failed. But for some reason, that night under the lights at Carrow Road unleashed a chain of events that saw the end of the role of chief executive and the identification of Stuart Webber as the new Messiah who was going to wave all kinds of magic wands in a newly created role of sporting director. The Canary public and Archant bought into all the hype and so last season kicked off with the Webberlution as the latest buzz word. The misplaced feel-good factor quickly evaporated as we were served up some of the direst football in living memory. There were murmurings in some quarters that even Lol Morgan was better than Farke. Pre-season has shown that Farke has not changed his spots at all and we now go into another season employing the same methods as before, but somehow expecting a different outcome. Maybe Huddersfield knew something we didn''t, as surely they would have fought nail and tooth to keep this messianic figure that we fell for line, hook and stinker. Of course I would never in a million years expect this Board to learn any lessons, but for the record, they are: 1. Don''t make assumptions about other teams'' success. 2. It is not a foregone conclusion that Borussia Dortmund football club is littered with all the jewels for success in the Championship.