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nutty nigel

Guess the gate v Stevenage

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Gate was 11,687
So I make it...
1st Crafty         11,632 (Just 55 out!)
2nd Hogesar     11,827 (140 out)
3rd GP''s Beard 11,904 (272 Out)
Hope I''ve got that right.
So well done Crafty! You get 1st prize which is to make the final picks for the Middlesboro home game on 15/9
But we''ll give prizes for 2nd and 3rd..
Hogesar gets the silver medal to make the final picks for the Wigan home game on 29/09.
Bronze for GP''s Beard who gets to make the final picks for the QPR away game on 22/09
Thanks everyone for taking part. Lets hope we get a home game in the next round so we can do it all again[:)]

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