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Rasputin was a C...

Commitment and work ethic... has it ever one anything?

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Of course we''ll get the usual "can''t fault the work ethic" line from the clown tonight but I struggle to remember when up against true ability has a good work ethic actually won anything? I know some will sight the winning of the league a couple of years ago but we also had some quality in Huckerby, Svensson, Cooper, Francis. To be honest I think some of these player were brought in by mistake by Worthington. I remember the line he had about Svensson when he joined. Hard working forward up for a battle. Never mind he was the most naturally gifted footballer we had. No doubt we now have some players who have a higher quality than a couple of years ago but are they being made to sacrifice that ability for Worthy''s "Hard Work Ethic"?

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