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Preston match thread

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Hate to say it, but Dennis doesn''t look much of a menace.

Nelson looked different class when he came on. Not sure he''s suited to English football though, for a big bloke he gets knocked off the ball far too easily. Or perhaps he just doesn''t want to play for us. Oh well.

Desperately, desperately in need of a striker this summer.

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[quote user="kick it off"][quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="kick it off"]Yeah your right CTID. We should definitely just not bother going next year as it''s obvious we''ll be absolute rubbish and get relegated. We can''t possibly sign any decent championship players because Maddison is the only player in the world good enough for this level. Get a grip.

This season we lost BIG names like Naismith, bassong, ruddy. We improved on all 3 of them for far less money.

Maddison is too good for us, we all know that but it''s not impossible to sign someone half decent to replace him.[/quote]when have I said madders is the only player in the world ????? I said we WILL be weaker next season without him. The football imho is dire and slow now. Look at the stats without madders contribution this season we would be in an horrendous position league wise.

Stop rewriting what you want to read and stick to the facts.

We are improving are we ?????

No shots at goal and very few goals in the last few games.

It''s dead rubber end of season. Do you expect us to look like Barcelona? Season is over, players are already mentally on the beach. Nothing from the next few games will concern or excite me. If we win the remaining fixtures 5-0 are you suddenly going to think we''re going to win the title next season? Or will you be moaning that it''s meaningless games anyway so what''s the point?
If you look at the stats without madders then you''re looking at the stats for us playing with 10 men every week. 
You''re not even very good at attention seeking, give it a rest.
[/quote]oh throw the old attention seeking into a reply when you have FA better to say , because that’s grown up lol. The play has been piss poor most of the season I’m not talking about the last few games. Anyway they are open footballers and get paid very well so should play to the end as that’s what they are paid for. You are missing my point without madders as we will be next season , you think the football will be better ????? I don’t ! Yes will will replace him with a body but Hat player isn’t going to be anywhere near the standard as he is. I’m nearly pointing out take his contribution out and it’s not going to look to fantasricnfor next season.

Try to read this post and not throw a tantrum

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If you were expecting a blood and thunder display from an all guns blazing Norwich city then the only thing that has caused your disappointment is your naivete. Reality is that the display today or any other game until the end of the season will have little bearing on games in 6 months time and are not representative of that.

Sorry mate, can''t agree. Our displays have never been blood and thunder under DF.

And I realise that we have our own method of playing and it doesn''t look like altering next year either.

But there is always something to play for and I don''t condone players being "on the beach" when the season is nearly over.

And I am so disappointed that DF hasn''t played some fringe players such as Ragget to give him some encouragement.

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