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Just back from the Match

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That was an awful boring uninspiring game. I took more pleasure in hearing the Bolton crowd cheering at the end cause at least they got a rare win to lift their spirits. Us I can''t believe how much effort we put into doing nothing. Bolton didn''t have a sniff of the first half until they attacked the last ten minutes, but did we do anything. Not really. We do not create enough chances and do not put the opposition under pressure. The chances we made today I feel were not clear cut enough and if you looking for Jerome to get them in they need to be better. Another striker is probably a good idea, but that striker would still be getting scraps as it stands at the moment. We seemed to have Pinto and Wildschut on the wings to supply balls in, but the width was not there and it dawned on me we must have no suitable players bar Murphy for these positions. No wonder we don''t create.One note. Anyone know why Pinto was wearing the facemask. Is it Portugese medicine?

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