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Hello, my name is Paul McVeigh

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I played really well on Saturday and even scored a goal. To show his appreciation of my part in the best team performance this season, the manager decided to drop me. Then he took my mate, the club''s best defender, off at half time against Watford tonight and replaced with a chap who''s been here about 5 minutes and doesn''t know anybody''s name, apart from Grandad''s, who he had to play next to. The manager also asked me to come on, realising what a mistake he''d made in the first place. I wasn''t very happy but I did my best and, funnily enough, we started remembering how to attack. Unfortunately though, because of Grandad''s mistakes in the first half we had a bit too much to do and lost the game.

Ah well. This Sunday we''ve got a fun trip to Suffolk. It''s going to be a real adventure I think, because when I asked the manager what we were going to do there, he said he "hasn''t got a clue."

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