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Just listened to some chap on Canary Call who was absolutely spot on. We saw 120 minutes of poor football against Milton Keynes. We saw 90 minutes of poor football against Stoke. We saw 90 minutes of poor football against Leeds at home. The only good football we''ve seen was the first 45 minutes against Plymouth but Plymouth are awful so we should expect that. 20,000 Norwich supporters can see the Fleming is past it yet the manager can''t and when he has got the opportunity to play two young very good centre backs he wastes both by sticking one of the bench and making the other yet again cover for Flemings mistakes. Of course Shackell is going to be making mistakes as he has to do the job of 2 players because Fleming is of on walk about up the pitch. Why do we persist on playing various players out of position? Marney doesn''t play wide right for Tottenham does he but we have yet again made a obviously talented footballer waste his talent in an unfamiliar position.

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