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Johnny Hill

Goodbye Worthless!!

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It''s me again. My info. was correct. To Rasputin: there''s no need to mock people with such few posts. I''ve only recently obtained a computer and got myself online. Otherwise, being such a huge Norwich fan that i am, i probably would have the same amount of posts as you.

Anyway, lets get to the point. Worthless you needed to justify a loan signing over a player who is a permanent fixture at this club, well until you decided to take him off the transfer list after players left the club at the end of the season. He helped bring our club to the Premier league and you never gave him his chance.  You tried to change a winning team. I see very few managers do that. What are you thinking?

This is what i am thinking. You were wrong to change a winning team. I don''t want anyone at Norwich FC to call for his resignation. I just think he should give those players the chance that are on form.

Nigel, I think you have dug your own grave.

Ps Thanks to those who backed me on my McVeigh dropped!!! thread.

You know who you are.

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