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So it turns out that...

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So it turns out that the other English clubs were not missing a trick after all. You cannot, in fact, pick up lower league players for peanuts abroad and magically transform them into high calibre championship players. What you get is simply L1 standard chaps with exotic names. You still get what you pay for.

Dang! And there were the board thinking they might have found a magic way to get their favoured local brand model to compete with the big boys in the new global era of football.

Back to the drawing board...or League 1 or languishing in the lower reaches forever like Ipswich. Unless the necessary funds to compete in this division are found.

And I hope people now realise just what opportunity was squandered when we went up last time and tried to do it on the cheap there as well. Retaining Russ and co when all the fans were crying out for proper defenders.

we looked the gift horse in the mouth and it has firmly left the stable now...

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