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Canary Poirot

This league is all about COMMITMENT AND EFFORT

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Winning the Championship takes three qualities. Firstly it takes commitment. Secondly it takes effort. And thirdly it requires a bit of quality, although not much. If you haven''t got the commitment or the effort you won''t get anywhere. And too many of our players aren''t putting themselves in the firing line and getting stuck in. I want players to be out there letting the opposition know they''re in for a game. I want bone crunching 50-50 challenges. I want our players to be heading the ball and breaking players noses at the same time. This league is PHYSICAL. I think too many of our new players need to be reminded of this. We''re not getting close to the opposition. We stand off too much.

This will need to be rectified before Sunday. I expect lots of changes to the first team. Only players with fire and commitment should be allowed to wear our yellow jersey. The team should be:

1. Green

RB Doherty (quite frankly Colin must be dropped and MLJ is injured so shove the Doc in)

LB Drury (with a rocket up his a**)

CB Fleming (only because he has experience of these games)

CB Davenport

RM McVeigh

CM Hughes (should be up for the fight with a rocket up his a**)

CM Safri (another rocket)

LM Huckerby (fire him up)

CF Ashton (rocket up his a**)

CF Lisbie (fire him up)

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