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Give Watford Some Credit

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I can understand fans disappointment with yesterday''s result and some of the performances this season, but, I think it is only fair to put these into perspective;

1. Our away form is poor and the first 30 minutes last night reflects a lack of player confidence.  There are plenty of teams who struggle away from home so Worthy should solely be blamed for this.

2.  Watford are a good young side with a decent manager and have a good start to the season.

3. Teams are going to want to beat us.

4. It''s going to take time for squad to gel.

5. The season has highlighted weakness that were not evident pre-season (Fleming).

6. This league is incredibly competitive and there are no teams in this league that are going to let us walk all over them.

7. Maybe we should view this as a rebuilding year (we could get still finish the season with 60-70 points at least), and realistically look to be challenging for the Play Offs/automatic promotion next season.

We need to balance our ambitions for the club as supporters with what is practically achievable.  I have to admit in the past I have slagged off Worthy, but booing the players at half time and the end of the match really isn''t going to help the club.

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Agree with a lot of what you are saying but must say that I think we will find it more difficult to attract decent players as they would be less willing to join a team "out in the wilderness" as some people seem to think Norfolk is and a team that finishes mid table (hopefully).

Watford have not attracted big names but seem to gel and some of the players Adie Boothroyd has brought in have proved well worth it.  Marlon King for example seems to be flourishing under him.  Malky has a new lease of life.  Whilst they may never be table toppers they look as though they will be top 8 which for a team in relegation form last year is great. 

Maybe it is a new manager we need to "spice" things up and get rid of some favourites and stamp his own authority on the club.

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