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Webber’s toy has broken

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Norwich City was just another toy for Webber to play with however now the toy has broken with no hope of getting it fixed it has left us in one major crisis - with no money apparently in the pot we have next to zero chance of getting anyone new in coupled with the cost of sacking all the backroom staff so we are left with a team with no direction playing some of the most unentertaining football I have witnessed and no chance of upsetting any of the top 6 - looks like we are in for a nervous ride not for top 6 qualification but for bottom 3 - Happy Xmas one and all

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I think the anti Delia sentiment has been fuelled by the unnecessary gamble on Webber and his philosophy rubbish.

It is going to cost a lot to get rid of him and all of his mates he has appointed.

I noticed Bergkamp had left Ajax, if Webber could get him in as coach I would be impressed. Players would respect his achievements, and we wouldn’t have to pay for the team to fly to away matches either.

Merry Christmas to all posters and readers!

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