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Rasputin was a C...

It's all about balance mk.ll

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The balance which we saw against Plymouth was exactly the opposite of what was dished up last night. There was only 1 change to the starting line-up yet the structure of the teams was completely ruined. This is one of the things I have always had against Worthington. We play one game where we do alright and can see the there is something to build on yet come the next game he has completely changed it. Why?! He didn''t have to make those changes but he doesn''t have the back bone to say I''m going to play someone who isn''t the highest wage earner or plays in the prem. I could only listen to the game last night but it sounded like Deano was getting very naffed off because there was no one there to give him the ball into feet like we saw on Saturday. It''s a joke

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