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Craig Brown


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Well once again Norwich City just weren''t good enough a game of two halfs indeed. Well after listerning to the first and second half i thought that both shackell and fleming were poor they were as bad as each other. So i don''t think the fans should have complained as much as they did because i don''t know about you but the second half the defence was alot more solid, because of Davenport didn''t let hardly one of the oppositions strikers get much so i thought Davenport played well, Fleming was average no more. Because thats why it was an end to end game once again its down to decision making that was are problem not getting Marney and Brennan involved. if anything it was down to midfield like Andy Hughes for example not using the width enough pumping the ball straight down the middle then the opposition have it back. I think that we didn''t get in their faces like worthy said before the match, we did nothing but let the opposition walk all over us the first half and for me the blame has to go to Hughes, Fleming, Shackell. Although Hughes played better second half. The middle was where things were going wrong. Worthington once again has to be questioned on his team selection dropping McVeigh and not starting with two 6 foot tall central defenders. I mean Neil Adams can try and say that Fleming is experienced but thats not enough its his ability that counts and he just cannot defend a whole 90mins without making a mistake so therefore he isn''t good enough. Drop Fleming and replace with Davenport alongside Shackell problem solved. On a positive note as much as Huckerby makes mistakes and mouths off to the referee has to be in your team because like Neil Adams put it hes a match winner anyway lets be positive and hope Norwich beat Ipswich!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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[quote]Well once again Norwich City just weren''t good enough a game of two halfs indeed. Well after listerning to the first and second half i thought that both shackell and fleming were poor they were as bad...[/quote]

How dare you criticise Hughes   From what lityle I heard and saw his performance was typical of his games for us so far.  Good energy chasing the ball around the pitch, but no impact in winning the ball ormaking midfiled our own.   I suspect his Opta/Actim stats on passing are good as all he does is one touch and move it on simply, usually backwards, but losing possession when he triesanything different  - Paula Radcliffe can do that job for us.

I dont know what formation we should go to now.   With flem playing the defence cant hack it and the midfield cant cope.    We have WLY playing well off the front two strikers and neither Lisbie nor Ashton can realistically be dropped.  Three players who dont deserve to be dropped yet we have Hux to come back into the fray - where does he fit it?

Marney is clearly another square peg in a round hole on the right flank and brennan had little impact onthegame again on sat while itsimpossible to judge the front two who saw so little of the ball.

What is a positive is WLY as he was the creative spark on sat and last night seemed to be the creative link, connecting our as usual too deep midfield and strikers. 

But how can we accomodate WLY, Hux , Lisbie and Ashton in the team when the defence and centre of midfield is so shaky?


         Fleming Davenport  Shacks 

Colin                                          Drury

                Hughes  Safri


                 Ashton  Hux            


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I''ve said it on another thread and I''ll say it again here, without Hughes we would currently be sitting on 2 points. 2!!!

Take him out of the Palace and Plymouth games and I believe that''s the impact you''d be looking at.

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If we can''t organise 4 at the back how can we organise 5? I would also say going to 4-3-3 would be pretty suicidal right now, we were OK doing it before as we had a solid defense - its way too shaky to think about that right now!

I would drop Fleming, not because he has been worse individually than Shacks this season, but because the defense is collectively a shambles and its partly his responsibility to organise it. Let Shacks lead the line and add in Davenport.

Put Safri just in front of the defense to give them an outlet and STOP the mindless hoofing the ball up front. I HATE that! He will also help break up attacks, cover for an advancing full back, and provide extra cover for Hucks.

Line up 3 midfielders in front of that, probably McVeigh on the right (Marney could probably use a rest right now anyway), Hughes in the middle and Hucks on the left (Safri can help cover when Hucks goes forward). 2 out of the 3 can go forward but one should always stay back.

2 man attack, partly to accommodate who we have but also we don''t have anyone who can effectively play on their own up front.







If we do need to tighten up, we can drop a striker and add say Brennan next to Safri making 4-2-3-1. But this won''t accommodate Lisbie from the start

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I agree with the last reply okay we don''t exactly have the greatest defence at the moment to play 4-4-3. But how about looking at it this way take out Fleming and replace with Davenport to partner Shackell. Stick Huckerby on the left okay i know people will say how does he fit in well i think Worthington should just have a quiet little word with him and to tell him to only try and take people on in the final third. Or How about him playing just in behind the front two in a diamond he''d do more damage there, that''s what i would do to accomodate Huckerby. Stick Safri in the hole where he can go and get attacks started and be more useful for Norwich by stopping the long ball game which clearly isn''t working Safri playing this type of role could make more use of the width by spreading the ball out wide to our full backs in the attacks. Playing the diamond means Norwich can be more physical and get in teams faces. And from time to time the full backs would have to support Marney and McVeigh or whoever plays those roles. Anyway Worthingtons tactics are wrong somewhere along the line just needs to fine tune a few things here and there thats if he has the tactical awareness? Come on Worthington lets get Norwich playing up and running things are slowly getting better because a few matches ago we couldn''t even play for 45 mins so he must be doing something right. I think that City are improving remember what Roger Munby said be paitent and optimistic, and also supportive. ON THE BALL CITY!!!!!!!!!





  MARNEY                     McVEIGH


    LISBIE                  ASHTON

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