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Defensive Minded!!!

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I know it sounds a little boring, but if I were manager, I would think defence first (especially if you have players who can always score).  At least you are always in the game.  We were always successful when we defended well.

Worthy seem to have this fetish for attacking football (despite being a former defender).  I know it can sometimes be more appealing for the crowd, but bottom line we would rather have the result.

I was listening today on Talk Sport and they were talking about how Jose Mourinho always ensures his back four and holding midfielder are always in the right position and keeps their shape.  Even in situations when the other side get could get caught out and there is that temptation to attack more, he keeps the discipline and maintains the shape.  he never focuses on the forwards.  First objective is clean sheet...anything beyond that is gravy.

This is all about patience...in the end it will prevail.

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