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Player assessment so far

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Greeno:  Has not been having a great season and was obviously affected by all the speculation.  Is not helped by the shambolic strategies we are using in defence and the lack of quality thusfar.

Colin: Has yet to impress- seems to lack invention and is easily beaten down the right.  When attacking he has little acceleration and does not look dangerous.

Drury: Big disappointment this season - he seems to be half asleep and when he makes mistakes seems all too ready to blame someone else.  He does tackle well, but that counts for little if he is not going to close down.  Contributes to attacks down the left and should remain in the team with a little attitude adjustment.

Shackell: Was taken off on Tuesday but I still feel he is one of our most talented defenders.  Strong in the air and on the ground.  He will certainly be one to watch in the coming years and I personally feel he is better equipped than Fleming.

Fleming: Consistent but he is simply TOO SLOW.  He still has a part to play.

Doherty: I admire his tenacity and while he has not found great form as a defender we should keep giving him his chances as a sub.

Davenport: The only true class in our backline.  When he came on against Watford he changed the game and gave us stability.  Good distribution and may be the answer to our defensive needs in the short (and hopefully) long term.

Marney: Am unimpressed so far.  He seems rather ordinary.

Brennan: Very poor touch and I would much rather see McVeigh in this position.

Hughes: Is pulling his weight and tries hard - I think he needs a little settling in time to discover his true form

Safri: Our midfield rock- he is dedicated, has a good range of passing and his ability to hold the ball and recover it is very important to us.  Really made the centre of the park his own in the second half on Tuesday and has improved significantly.

McVeigh: Why is NW not playing this man - he is a match winner and deserves to be starting on the left ahead of Brennan.  If he can rediscover his consistency he is a must for me.

Ashton: Sheer class and dedication - just hope he stays after January otherwise - were screwed.

Huckerby: Weve missed him and he will take the left slot when he returns.  I''d quite like him to play further up while Leon is injured as we is sometimes isolated on the flank.

McKenzie: Good championship striker and his partnership with Ashton should be nurtured

Lisbie: Ive liked what Ive seen from him and he has great work rate and energy.

Irealise this is not everyone but I havent seen enough of the others to form a reliable opinion.  So anyway - here is my team.

GK: Green

LB: Drury

CB: Davenport

CB: Shackell

RB: Colin (but with Charlton, Louis Jean in mind)

LM: Huckerby/McVeigh

CM: Hughes

CM: Safri

RM: Marney

F: Ashton

F: McKenzie (when not fit Mcveigh)


Any thoughts?

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Sorry, can''t agree with your assessments of Green, Colin and Drury.

Green has had a good season, he has been left exposed too often by his defense but has pulled off some important top-drawer saves without which we would be in a worse position than we currently are (which doesn''t bear thinking about).

I still think there aren''t many better left backs in this division than Drury and his return in place of Charton has been a welcome one. He''s a good tackler, and is good in support of the attack. If he was injured again I would bring in Brennan in his place.

Colin, like Drury, is good in support of the attack, in fact I think he has the potential to become one of our best in this department. He''s still learning, yes, he get''s pulled out of position occassionally, yes, but he''s getting better all the time and I wouldn''t replace him right now. You don''t get looked at by Prem sides like Everton without being a good player.


Colin Davenport Shackell Drury

Marney Safri Hughes


Ashton Lisbie

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