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If wed only kept Howie..

I have the solution...

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I''m liking some aspects of the way we are building the squad.. there is something familiar about it...

But i''d like to look at some additions..

Tom Bradshaw looks an excellent target.. we could pair with up with an experienced striker - someone like Jermaine Beckford?

the lad at Hull - Jarrod Bowen - looks great?

we clearly need a new leftback - what about Danny Fox from Nottingham Forest?

QPR have a good young midfielder by the name of Sean Goss.

There is also a young midfielder at Rangers by the name of Zac Butterworth - could be worth a look..

Solid centreback? Ritchie Sutton of Tranmere Rovers?

Add in Ziggy Gordon?

For some experience in the centre of the park, what about ageing Spanish midfielder Juanjo Prior?

Add them to Angus Gunn and Adam Phillips...

Gives us a team of:

Gunn, Phillips, Bowen, Prior, Butterworth, Sutton, Gordon, Goss, Fox, Beckford, Bradshaw

i like the look of that lot...

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