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Now I know I''ve been a bit of a serial moaner of late but I feel that this weekend needs out full support as this is no doubt going to be the biggest match of the season for us. Now "Come on, lets be having you" lets see the PASSION for our club, lets show our great rivals what truly fantastic supporters we are, through thick and thin unlike them lot who scarper the minute it goes a bit squiffy. Lets make ourselves heard as we sing our clubs fine anthem loudly and proudly.


Kick off, throw it in, have a little scrimmage,

Keep it low, a splendid rush, bravo, win or die,

On the ball, City, never mind the danger,

Steady on, now’s your chance,

Hurrah! We’ve scored a goal.


Now sadly I can''t go on Sunday but those who are, make sure you do this City proud!

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