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Yellow Wal

Lucky, lucky equaliser!

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For all of our pressure yesterday we deserved something out of the match.

But check out the goal that did it!

A good long throw from Stiepermann ......... but check out his back foot! A long way off the ground and thus a foul throw.

Too many foul throws are let go these days ....... I''m glad this was one of them!

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Barclay seats 48/49 the 3rd wrote the following post at 16/10/2017 5:26 PM:

Photo on twitter showing his foot touching at point of release .

Some posters on here are miserable muppets .

Or a binner ??


Ah, another gutless keyboard warrior who thinks he a big man by being abusive.

I am neither a miserable muppet or a binner.

You obviously disagree with me, that I can accept, but I would have preferred a reasoned argument than abuse but perhaps that is not possible.

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A lot of things in football are about luck.

Ref''s have a split second to make a decision, can''t say I noticed it at the time either if it was a foul throw.

Doesn''t matter now anyway, once it is done it is done!

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