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Kidderminster Exile

classic TDTD

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Love looking at this one fro TWTD.............................

Can’t get promoted. Can’t get top 6. Can’t win derbies. I mean WTF is the point of us?

And to every player who has represented us in a derby since 2009 (with an honourable exception to Paul Anderson and Jonas Knudsen) - you’re all a disgrace. You let us down every time. You talk the talk, but come the day you roll over and die.

I’m done for the week. Fit for Burton, yada-yada, who cares! Only the same shower of sheit who will roll over against Cardiff on Halloween and let Alex Neil’s Preston walk away with a 1-0 on November 4.

Buckling down for a season of grind. Let Downes and Nydam get their experience etc, but sadly, nothing exciting to be expected of us...Again...oh except a relegation battle on current form. I thought we had more firepower now. We didn’t lay a glove on them again.

14,000 dropping to 12,000 and lower at this rate. Because we suck!

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