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Ipswich Taxi Driver

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Yesterday I was at London Heathrow when I spotted a Ipswich Taxi with a ITFC banner. I pull on the side of the cab and ask the driver a very simple question.

SI:" Excuse me, can you please tell me, who is top of the 1st division?
S##m: " Heeer, it''s West Brom"
SI:" Are you sure?"
S##m:" Yeeees..."
SI:" I think it''s Norwich City" I replied showing him my yellow and green season ticket.
Luckily for him, the lights turned to green and he couldn''t wait to get away

It made my day..........

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you should have got in and asked for a really long journey - then proceeded to let him know who the real pride of anglia was

and not paid him either

nice one - would have loved to have conversed with said taxi driver myself, pretty rare sight though, an ipswich car sticker!! It wasn''t a premier blues one was it? lol

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