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Just Dan

Rosler, Rowett, Monk or Farke

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Just looking at the other names that were supposedly in the hat for the job and wondering if we think we would have been better off with one of the other candidates. Only time will tell.

Rosler - Was he ever really being considered? Decent but possibly doesn''t fit into what we want to achieve here and overall, relieved that we didn''t employ him.

Rowett - Would have liked to have gone for him but feel we have dodged a bullet there. Whilst his Derby team showed plenty of endeavor when he took charge, they also showed little or no flair. Possibly one dimensional and we have been there before haven''t we?

Monk - Did well at Swansea and Leeds but still not entirely sure he would have been the right man. If he does well at Boro, not sure how long he''ll hang around if a Prem job comes up. Would not have been disappointed by his appointment.

Farke - Well who really knows just yet, but I get the feeling that we are certainly heading in the right direction. For Maddison to have signed an extension so soon after the start of pre season and the arrival of Gunn and Zimmerman, surely demonstrates that we are putting more emphasis on youth - and who isn''t excited by seeing these youngsters develop.

Would be interested to hear other views on this....

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